Approach (archive)

Approach (archive)


Our guiding principle is zero tolerance on infection.

We believe in empowering patients. Our focus is on developing point-of-care diagnostics that are simple and convenient to use and easy to interpret: providing peace of mind for patients and giving them the confidence to manage their own day-to-day healthcare needs.


Microbiosensor works in partnership with industry-leading medical device firms, CMOs and suppliers to build flexible and rapidly scalable manufacturing systems that can quickly respond to the fast-changing world of modern medicine.

Through early engagement with patients and healthcare providers we ensure our products are focused on patients’ needs and convenience from the outset. Furthermore, we design our devices to be compatible with and complementary to existing products and clinical procedures on the market, to ease their adoption by patients and healthcare workers alike.


Microbiosensor is committed to implementing industry best practice, including full ISO13485 compliance.

Our aim is to play a leading role in the battle against rising antimicrobial resistance. By providing early warning systems for infection that flag what the most effective treatment for an emerging infection might be, Microbiosensor technology will improve the management of the dwindling arsenal of frontline antibiotic drugs – benefitting both individual patients and society as a whole.