Proprietary technology enabling point of care diagnosis of bacterial infections.

MicroBioSensor has miniaturised and simplified conventional laboratory grade microbiology, packaging it into inexpensive, disposable in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) called MicroBioSensors™. Our devices function as early warning systems for microbial infection, and are designed to be compatible with and complementary to existing (lab-based) infection control processes and techniques.

The MicroBioSensors™ technology signals the presence of the high level of cells associated with an escalating infection, and rapidly identifies antibiotic sensitivities; indicating which drugs are most likely to be effective and expediting the time to effective treatment. These rapid point-of-care diagnostics are simple and convenient to use, and work using an easy to interpret colour-change system.

By providing early warning systems which flag the most effective treatment for an emerging infection, MicroBioSensor™ technology will improve the management of frontline antibiotic drugs – leading the battle against the growing tide of antimicrobial resistance.