Our technology is designed to be compatible with and used alongside conventional medical treatments, in a range of applications from wound care to renal dialysis.

We believe in empowering patients. Our focus is on developing point-of-care diagnostics that are simple and convenient to use and easy to interpret.

At Microbiosensor we are developing a platform technology to address the need for improved infection diagnosis across a wide range of medical applications, from wound care to renal dialysis.

A key unmet need in modern healthcare is the need for real-time, point-of-care infection monitoring.

Such monitoring is simply not possible with current centralised hospital microbiological infrastructure and procedures.

MicroBioSensors™ will alert patients and / or physicians to an escalating infection via a visible all-or-nothing colour change in the device and help target appropriate intervention in a more timely and effective manner than is currently possible.


Key benefit of the MicroBioSensor™ platform

  • Continuous, real-time monitoring of microbial load for enhanced patient safety.
  • Convenient, disposable design, used at the point-of-care
  • Compatible with existing medical devices and treatments.
  • Requires little or no training for patients or healthcare workers – a simple all-or-nothing-colour-change provides an easy-to-interpret signal.
  • Can signal an escalating infection at a pre-symptomatic stage – allowing for much earlier intervention that is currently possible.
  • Potential for more timely and effective intervention with conventional antibiotics.
  • Robust and rapidly scaleable design, for easy manufacture.
  • Propriety IP with no complex freedom to operate issues.