Instant identification of leukocyte levels by peritoneal dialysis professionals.

Peritonitis remains a major complication of peritoneal dialysis (PD), leading to technique failure and hospitalisation in PD patients. The ISPD recommended method of diagnosis is the presence of elevated levels of leukocytes, in combination either with patient symptoms or a bacterial culture.

QuickCheck is designed for a PD nurse to use in the clinic or patient’s home. It provides an instant and accurate measurement of leukocyte levels in peritoneal effluent.


QuickCheck measures the leukocyte count in seconds.


QuickCheck can detect leukocytes at >10 times lower than the 100 cells per μl ISPD recommended threshold for peritonitis (data on file).

Accurate and Precise

QuickCheck provides reliable leukocyte counts over range 10 to 10,000 cells per μl.*



QuickCheck measures cells directly in PD effluent post-dialysis.


QuickCheck has been designed for ease of use by the healthcare professional.

Daily Testing

QuickCheck is suitable as a daily instant test for leukocyte levels in well patients, or those with peritonitis, undergoing therapy.

A simple device enabling rapid and accurate measurement of leukocyte levels by patients.

QuickCheck allows nurses to carry out an instant leukocyte count at home. It provides a clear answer as to whether the ISPD threshold level of leukocytes has been exceeded, providing information to help clinical teams to decide whether patients should attend the hospital.

QuickCheck allows a simple non-subjective test to be carried out every day, reinforcing the importance of prevention and monitoring for peritonitis.

QuickCheck may give patients more confidence in their chosen therapy, reducing their anxiety and helping them to stay on PD longer.

QuickCheck can help clinicians care for more patients with the right treatment at the right time, whilst saving time and hospital resources.

Laser light scatter through cassette.

Technical Specifications

Method: A white blood cell count is determined by sampling effluent in a QuickCheck cassette. Cell concentration is assessed using laser light scattering by the QuickCheck reader.

Parameters: Total leukocyte count (white blood cells)

Quickcheck reader: Display of total white blood cell count.

Measuring range: 10 to 10,000 cells per μl

Measuring time: <10 seconds

Sample material: Peritoneal dialysis effluent

Sample volume: 3.5ml to fill level

Quality control: Built-in self test

Dimensions: 175 x 130 x 105mm.
(6.89 x 5.12 x 4.13 inches

Power: Rechargeable battery with charger included

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Intended Use: Measurement of white blood cell (WBC) count in a clinic environment or patient’s home by professional users, clinicians, or nurses. Test to be carried out on a static sample withdrawn from peritoneal dialysis (PD) effluent. An elevated white blood cell count greater than 100 cells/µl can be indicative of infection and so QuickCheck can be used as a tool for aiding in the diagnosis of peritonitis.

Reference number: MBS002

*Within the range 10-49 cell/µl QuickCheck has an accuracy of 65% and within the range 50-10,000 cells/µl QuickCheck has an accuracy of 80% of the true value.