Microbiosensor Wins Prestigious UK Innovate award

By Gordon Barker 9th February 2017

Microbiosensor Limited is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a £983k grant for its proposed project, “Evaluation, prototyping and production pathway of a diagnostic for peritoneal dialysis infection”, as part of Innovate UK’s Biomedical Catalyst 2016 Early Stage Competition.
The grant will be used to develop a simple new test which can help patients with kidney failure, undergoing peritoneal dialysis at home to detect infections at an early stage before they become life threatening. This means that treatment could be started more quickly and the infection controlled more easily. The test also gives additional information to the medical team, allowing them to choose the best treatment. The idea for the new test came from the University of Manchester where researchers have been working on detection of bacteria using a colour change reaction. Microbiosensor are now working to fully develop this test, and a way of manufacturing a reliable, easy to use product.
Gordon Barker, CEO at Microbiosensor, said: “We are pleased to receive this prestigious recognition with a major award from Innovate UK, which will allow us to accelerate the development and clinical evaluation of our disposable point-of-care infection diagnostics for renal dialysis patients and other vulnerable groups.”

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