Microbiosensor wins an award in the first round of GMAHSN’s new Innovation Funds

By Gordon Barker 9th November 2016

Microbiosensor was recently announced as one of the successful companies to win an award in the first round of GMAHSN’s new Innovation Funds. The Funds: Ignite, Energise and Momentum, were launched earlier this year and focus on different stages of the journey from product development to piloting and roll-out. As one of the winners of the Energise Fund, Microbiosensor has been awarded £50k, which will support a pilot clinical investigation of their PD-Safe device, a monitor designed to identify infection in home dialysis patients.

Gordon Barker, CEO of Microbiosensor said:

“We’re delighted to receive this Energise Fund award and extremely grateful to the GMAHSN team for their support. The award will be transformational for Microbiosensor, allowing us to perform the first clinical trial of our novel infection monitor, “PD Safe”, with patients attending peritoneal dialysis clinics here in Greater Manchester. This will help validate our point-of-care diagnostic technology, pave the way for subsequent (larger) clinical studies and accelerate our progress to market.”