Microbiosensor Ltd awarded significant investment in its revolutionary technology aimed at easing A&E pressures

By Gordon Barker 27th February 2017

Microbiosensor is pleased to announce that it is one of 5 successful companies selected by SBRI Healthcare for a second tranche of investment to continue with product development and testing of new technologies that ease pressure on urgent and emergency care services.
The five companies selected by SBRI Healthcare for the second tranche of investment were drawn from a shortlist of 14 companies that received six months feasibility funding in March 2016. The successful companies demonstrated best value and greatest technical feasibility to a panel of experts looking for game-changing technologies with the highest potential value to patients and the health service. The companies will be supported and fully funded to continue with product development and testing.
Richard Phillips, Chair of SBRI Board and Director of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) said: “As demands and pressure on the urgent and emergency care system increase, we need to find new ways to bring high value innovation into the NHS. This announcement will bring new and creative solutions into this space that will improve care for patients and efficiency for the NHS.
About Microbiosensor’s UTI technology:
Urinary tract infections in the elderly are a frequent cause of non-specific confusion and one of the most common, preventable, reasons for emergency admissions to hospital. Microbiosensor is developing a test to show the sensitivity of infecting bacteria to antibiotics. It will be used in primary care, e.g. GP surgeries and elderly residential homes, to aid the rapid, and accurate, prescription of antibiotics to patients with suspected urinary tract infection. During this Phase 2 contract, the device will be developed from a laboratory prototype to a manufacturable product prototype, tested with many patient samples, and ready for final clinical validation.
About SBRI Healthcare: www.sbrihealthcare.co.uk
SBRI Healthcare is an NHS England initiative, led by the country’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), that co-develops innovative products to address unmet health needs.